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Internal Evolution

Energy Cultivation, Self Refinement, Meditation

taiji | evolved
陰yīn 陽yáng 雍yōng

9clouds supports Daoist Internal Arts and related disciplines.

We use modern teaching methods and traditional training within a cross-cultural environment.

Located in the center of Shanghai 9clouds studio is an elegant, fresh, light filled, open space for events, seminars and ongoing classes.

9clouds operates under a "non-profit concept" providing members with high-quality facilities at the lowest fees.

Taiji Beginners

New class begins every 2–3 months – join anytime in the first few weeks

Next beginners class starts 10 August

Choose any 2 of 5 classes each week.
(Unlimited membership, 3–5 classes per week, join anytime)

Before joining, first watch a full class – then you see exactly what we do and we can answer questions that arise

Energy Cultivation

The world is a series of inter-penetrating subtle energy realms

Patrick Kelly

Patrick Kelly
Patrick Kelly
Patrick presents an intelligent synthesis of Daoist/Buddhist, Gnostic/Sufi & Yogic internal work – the worldwideway – which leads deeply inside towards the one formless Source, which has no name.

Immersed 50yrs in those 3 great esoteric streams, Patrick authored 4 books on Taiji & meditation (in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese) and guides a world network of 100 teachers and 1000s of students.

Patrick asserts the great purpose of Taiji is the great purpose of life itself – internal evolution.

Patrick Kelly Patricks Articles WORLDWIDEWAY
Patrick Kelly
采访Patrick2021 – 第1部分

Taiji Worldwide


Huang Xingxian

黃性賢大师 huangxingxian
黄性贤大师 (1910–1992)

"Though they practice my methods, not following my (inner) way they are not my students"

Born in Fuzhou, China. Trained from the age of 14 in Fujian White Crane (白鶴拳), 18 Buddha boxing (罗汉拳) and Daoist Internal Alchemy under Old Master Pan YuBa (潘屿八), then later under Pan's famous disciple Master XieZhongxian (謝宗祥大师).


The Practice

郑曼青大师 ZhengManqing
ZhengManqing 1901-1975

We Train

Huang Xingxian 5 Loosenings

ZhengManqing (郑曼青) 37Form
YangChengfu (杨澄甫) 108Form
HuangXingxian (黃性賢) FastForm

8 fixed-step Pushing-Hands
8 moving-step Pushing-Hands

15min guided meditation

Taiji Practice
杨澄甫大师 YangChengfu
YangChengfu 1883–1936

Taiji Dao

Taiji is in practice what 'Dao de Jing' expresses in principle. These principles remain universal throughout the known worlds, undiminished by their common reduction to intellectual ideas, emotional values, or religious rules, by the various races of the Earth.

Taiji Principles
杨露禅大师 YangLuchan
YangLuchan 1799-1872

The Source

The further back in time we look the more obscure the history of Taiji becomes, yet studying this past, 2 things become clear.

Taiji's inner essence flows down from genuine teachers to sincere pupils in unbroken chains.

Each teacher devises a personal system to express and pass on the impersonal inner teaching. The teaching must evolve outwardly or die inwardly.

Taiji Transmission


Interview Guillem
Interview Kit
9clouds instructors
Lengthen Your Life

Health Secrets

After 50 years of internal investigation the secrets of good health and long life have become clear.

Your body's intelligence will maintain your health if you give it what it needs then don't interfere more.

The normal lifespan for a human is around 120 years, but each mistaken interference shortens that span.

9 clouds meditation

Meditation has 9 levels

Each of the 3 main realms has 3 sublevels, giving 9 energy clouds. Meditation works on the deep structures of the mind. It is a serious and potentially dangerous exercise. The ideal is to follow a senior master who has at least 20 years of self-cultivation. However, few who teach meditation fit this situation. Everywhere, inexperienced people foolishly play with the internal life of others, changing road signs and taking shortcuts, all for the purpose of power or money. Students are led astray, wasting time and energy on superficial or imaginary methods.

CompleteReality Meditation
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Taiji | Evolved

陰yin 陽yang 雍yong

receiving responding harmonising

《道德經》 – Dao De Jing:

道生一 Dao gave rise to one
一生二 one produced two
二生三 two produced three
三生萬物 three produced myriads
萬物負陰而抱陽 myriads bear Yin, embrace Yang
沖氣以為和 harmonised by immaterial Qi
9clouds taijischedule

Membership Fees

3mth – ¥3500 (2classes/wk)
3mth – ¥4500 (unlimited)

6mth – ¥5500 (2classes/wk)
6mth – ¥6500 (unlimited)

12mth – ¥12,000 (unlimited)

Unbroken Membership Renewal

3mth – ¥3000 (2classes/wk)
3mth – ¥4000 (unlimited)

6mth – ¥5000 (2classes/wk)
6mth – ¥6000 (unlimited)

12mth – ¥11,000 (unlimited)

Membership Suspension

(2 weeks or more away from Shanghai)
Unlimited – suspension possible.
Limited – attend extra classes before going away (suspension possible at our discretion if arranged at time of initial payment)

Visiting Overseas Students

(by previous arrangement)




Beautiful Space – Reasonable Rates
150m2 | ¥800/hr
Reductions for seminars and ongoing classes.


wechat: ninecloudsstudio
email: taiji@pm.me

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