Taiji – Energy Art

Deep Mind Sphere

Taiji as an energy art

Train intention, awareness and intelligence, within the astral energies of the middle-dantian (deep-emotional).

Qi specifically refers to astral energy. More loosly it covers 3 grades of energy – jing, qi, shen (etheric, astral, celestial).

Loosly, any practice – calisthenics, breathing exercises, meditation – might misleadingly be called Qigong.

Taiji Breathing

Natural and Reverse Breathing. To breathe in naturally the muscles of the diaphragm and the thoracic girdle contract and to breathe out naturally these muscles relax. This is the natural, physical basis of both Reverse Breathing and Natural Breathing. In unconscious breathing the rest of the body remains relaxed throughout the process so that the abdomen will expand on the in-breath and fall back on the out-breath. This is then termed Natural Breathing ...more

Taiji Energy Circulation

- 1. Natural Circulation of Energy. Releasing the hold of the Mind on the Body while maintaining a light awareness of the body, allows the Energies to circulate freely and naturally while accumulating where necessary in their natural Power Centres.
At this early stage a gentle warmth will be felt occasionally around the Body ...more

Taiji Power Secrets

We trained long hours in the Solo Form, Pushing Hands and Quick Fist, which he knew very well. He showed us a lot of the extra training and body conditioning methods Master Huang Xingxian had taught him in the early days, later giving us the medicines to heal the bruises. It was interesting to observe his own training methods. Each day as well as the Taiji, he trained other internal exercises and meditation ...more

Studies of the Heart's Energy Field


Qigong (Chi Kung)

Most forms of Qigong are positive and useful (even though much of it is no more than simple unrefined exercises passed on by inexperienced people, then elevated to mystical heights by immature students). This carries dangers ...more
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