Patrick Kelly

Patrick Kelly

3 Teachers

Patrick began his esoteric studies in the 70s, with 3 main teachers –

Trained Gnostic inner knowledge with Naqshibandi Sufi Abdullah Dougan (1918–1987)

Practiced Daoist Taiji with one of the most accomplished Taiji masters of recent times, Master Huang Xingxian (1908–1992)

Studied Raja Yoga with the Rajasthani Yogi Mouni Maharaj (1900?–2007).

3 Streams

This true contact, external and internal, with the 3 great streams of esoteric teachings – Asian, Indian, Middle-Eastern/European – now supports Patrick's teaching, which leads people deeply inside themselves, towards the one formless Source, which has no name.

Worldwide Schools

At the express wish of his teachers, with the aim of making available the esoteric principles of internal development through the practice of true Energy Cultivation, Self Refinement and Meditation, Patrick established a Europe wide teaching network.

This is a loose association of mature intelligent practitioners, with no committees, no fees, no rules, no obligations, no organisation to join or leave – people simply practice what is taught with more or less energy and intelligence according to their choice.

Within it 100 senior teachers (21+ years with Patrick) along with 150 close practitioners (14 to 20 years with Patrick) instruct some thousands of students through their fully independent schools.


in a few words

Prepare your outer life –

"Seek a broad balance of life experience"

Use any helpful exercises or meditations –

"Cultivate your Energy"

"Refine the Inner Self"

"Reach for the Beyond"

"Seek a broad balance of life experience"

While balancing action, feeling and thought

Harm no one – help those near to you.

Respond positively – don't react.

Understand others – change yourself.

This tunes your outer life to your Inner Self – rather than gross body reactions ruling your inner life, as it does for unrefined people.
(Abdullah Dougan: develop the 3 brains, make the body obedient)

"Cultivate your Energy"

Train genuine

Taiji, Yoga, or similar

This supports your Inner Self's growth within the Deep Mind's 3 levels (etheric, astral & celestial).
(Abdullah Dougan: strengthen the Inner Self)

"Refine the Inner Self"

Change yourself through

Struggle, Acceptance, Separation

Relate to others by practicing

Giving, Receiving, Sharing

Open to higher influences with

Respect, Gratitude, Humility

This assists your Inner Self to evolve deeper into the inner realms.
(Abdullah Dougan: make the Inner Self passive to the Spirit)

"Reach for the Beyond"

Direct your mind towards your highest concept of the Beyond, then realise, as the Beyond grows within, that your outer human existence is next to nothing.

This allows the Inner Self to gradually dissolve its outer structure and merge with the Spirit.
(Abdullah Dougan: destroy the ego)


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