Health Secrets

Lengthen Your Life

After 50 years of internal investigation the secrets of good health and long life have become clear.

Your body's intelligence will maintain your health if you give it what it needs then don't interfere more.

The normal lifespan for a human is around 120 years, but each mistaken interference shortens that span.

These things lengthen your life:

Increase oxygen circulation.
Increase blood and lymphatic circulation.
Increase energy circulation.

These things shorten your life:

Overcontrol or undercontrol of your diet.
Over-exercising or under-exercising.
Emotional overreaction or underreaction.

Increase Oxygen Circulation

Deep breathing is the best way to increase the oxygen circulation and supply, within the bloodstream.

Usually breathing only becomes deeper when you exercise, but then the over-working muscles use oxygen faster than the body can supply it.

This creates an oxygen deficiency – the exact opposite of what is required – so the body's intelligence increases the breathing to try to remedy the shortage.

But we can choose to breath deeper without first generating an oxygen deficiency by over-exercising. This surplus oxygen supply is then used by the internal organs and immune system, to enhance their functioning.

Increase Fluid Circulation

Gentle continuous movement generating waves of pressure through the body, as a result of lifting and sinking, is the best way to increase your internal fluid circulation.

Blood is pumped actively by the heart out through the body, but its return is more passive.

Oxygen carriers, or red blood cells, return via the veins, pumped only by changing internal pressures due to muscle activity.

Nutrient carriers and immune white blood cells return via the lymphatic system, pumped partly by smooth muscles in lymph vessel walls and partly by external muscle activity.

Lymphatic fluid is the final carrier of nutrients to the cells, and the medium through which the white blood cells and other immune system components circulate.

When this fluid cirulates freely then both virus-infected and cancerous cells (which may form when cells have an oxygen deficiency) will be efficiently destroyed by an active immune system.

Increase Energy Circulation

Moving the mind (on a deep level) in waves through the body is the best way to increase the energy circulation.

This first requires training in bringing the mind down to a level where it truly interacts with the body on a deep level.

It is of little use, and may even be harmful, to use the superficial brain consciousness and imagination to attempt this energy circulation process.

Over or Under Control of Diet

Overcontrol occurs when you apply a rigid set of dietary beliefs to the body.

Under control is when you ingest poisons such as alcohol, drugs and many modern medicines, or overindulge in an unbalanced diet on a regular basis.

All of these interfere with the body's naturally resilient balance which is under the control of an intelligence far more subtle then the superficial thinking mind which attempts to assert its beliefs, either consciously as in overcontrol or unconsciously when overindulging.

Over or Under Exercising

Over-exercising destroys the joints and depletes the body's oxygen and energy supply, suppressing the immune system.

While young the body can recover very quickly and heal itself but once past about 30 years old the damage will begin to accumulate.

Under-exercising suppresses all 3 circulations – oxygen, fluids and energy.

Emotional Over or Under Reaction

Overreaction induces the endocrine system into over-activity, depleting the energy, oxygen and nutrients available to the internal organs and suppresses the immune system.

Underreaction allows the endocrine system to atrophy and become incapable of responding intelligently when needed.

Strong positive emotions are no problem but strong negative emotions produce overreaction and may occur in response to past memories, present situations or in anticipation of future possibilities.

Suppression of emotions by the superficial brain consciousness, either drives the overreaction into the subconscious or produces underreaction.
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