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9cloudstaiji instructors

10 years in China!

GUILLEM 29yrs Taiji
ANTON 25yrs Taiji
KIT 21yrs Taiji
TOMMASO 20yrs Taiji
CRISTA 15yrs Taiji
DANIEL 15yrs Taiji
明MING 15yrs Taiji
易宁MARIA 9yrs Taiji


GUILLEM Speaks English, Chinese(basic), Spanish, Italian
Guillem, born in Spain, Studied Computer Science, Shiatsu and Chinese Medicine at University. Holds diplomas in SGA (Posture re-education Applied to Sport), Applied Kinesiology (TFH) and Sacro-cranial Ostheopathy. Guillem began Taiji in Barcelona aged 18. He first meet Patrick in Paris, 2005. He began his own Taiji School in Girona (Spain), 2006. In 2015 he moved to Shanghai to teach and learn Taiji at nineclouds studio.

ANTON 说中文,英文,日文
Anton was born in Taiwan, educated and graduated in USA, studied Chinese medicine in Shanghai and lived some years in Okinawa. He learnt Taiji in Taiwan, USA and Switzerland. Anton moved to Shanghai in 2013 to help establish nineclouds studio as founding studio manager and resident instructor.

KIT Speaks English, Chinese(basic)
Kit Kelly, New Zealander / Thai, studied Choy-Lee-Fut kungfu as a child and later 5 Elements Bagua. He has been immersed in taiji from a young age as he travelled the world with his father. He now lives in Shanghai learning, teaching and managing nineclouds studio.

TOMMASO Speaks Chinese, Italian, English, French
Tommaso is a 'thinking-out-of-the-box' software engineer with a broad cross-cultural experience. In China since 2008 he has lived and travelled in many countries; Passionate about connecting and enriching peoples' lives, as a consultant in China he helps small businesses to refine their value proposition and reach their audience. His taiji journey started in Italy in 2004. After moving to China he learnt different styles and finally found the most valuable teaching at 9clouds where he now continues to learn and assist with teaching.

CRISTA Speaks Chinese, English, French, Spanish
Crista was born in Los Angeles, where she began practicing Taiji. Recognizing that this art was a lifelong practice, she sought to explore where she might find further expressions of the training. With a working background in early childhood education and visual art, she arrived in Shanghai and began training at 9cloudsstudio, where she is grateful to participate as a student and assistant.

DANIEL Speaks Chinese, Italian, English
设计师Daniel Saracino出生于意大利罗马。他的学术背景既多样化又国际化,曾就读于印度的ISPS,HP;美国的卡内基梅隆大学;意大利的罗马大学,拥有罗马大学建筑系的硕士学位。 Daniel最初在意大利曾参与多个公共建筑项目和比赛。 他对中国文化的热衷与向往,使他在2008年移居中国上海。在这他找到了很多新的机会,他主要侧重于高端的创新的室内设计项目。
Daniel Saracino was born in Rome, Italy. His varied and international academic background (ISPS, HP, India; University of Rome, Italy; Carnegie Mellon University, PA ,USA) culminates in a Master degree in Architecture (University of Rome, Italy) In 2005 he moved to Shanghai, now practicing full time as an architect as well as learning, designing and assisting with teaching at nineclouds studio.

易宁MARIA 说中文,英文
上海人 Shanghainese. Maria studied meditation for some years previous to learning taiji.

MICHEL 说中文,英文,法文
Michel was born in Thailand to Chinese-Laotian parents, then raised and educated in Paris. He began Taiji in the early 90's with a student of Patrick Kelly, then later trained directly with Patrick himself. Michel travels from Paris when he can, to assist with teaching at nineclouds studio, Shanghai.

明MING 说中文,英文
Ming was born in Heilongjiang province. From childhood she was interested in Chinese wugong and taiji especially concerning self improvement and body healing. Before starting Taiji she had 10 years experience in Chinese traditional Martial Arts, 3 years sports training in the University sports team, then 2 years practice of Thai massage.