Deep Mind Sphere

Taiji as a Spiritual Art

Train intention, awareness and intelligence, within the energies of the upper-dantian (celestial) – and beyond.

Beginners use 90% superficial-mind and 10% Deep Mind. Of this 10% perhaps 5–7% is from the lower dantian, 2–4% from the middle dantian and less than 1–2% from the upper dantian.

Life Confirms 90%/10%

Most of a persons waking life is absorbed by their perceptions, conceptions and reactions to the outer world. Less than 10% is connected with inner perceptions.

When a person is in the half-sleep state, their outer awareness recedes to reveal a little more of the deep body sensations and the body's etheric energy field, but their abilty to act reduces dramatically.

When a person enters the dream state, their ability to act and their later recall of the astral world is very small.

When they enter deep sleep, there ability in the celestial world is certainly less than 1% of waking consciouness.

True Taiji training

will gradually increase the ability to perceive, think and act on each of these internal levels.

Relentlessly a persons centre of gravity will shift first to the world of the lower dantian (deep body sensations and etheric energy field), then later to the world of the middle dantian (deep emotional energies), then finally, with correct, sincere practice and long perserverance, the centre of gravity will establish itself within the celestial world of the upper dantian.

The words above are not merely imaginary – they are known to be true from my personal experience and confirmed by the personal experience of my teachers. The Inner Teachings of Daoism by Chang Po-tuan
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