the Beyond

Deep Mind Sphere

Towards the Beyond

Aspiration towards the Beyond invokes a ray of Divine Light, the key to the door Beyond and the final realisation of freedom from the 3 worlds of human existence.

True training will gradually align the hidden inner motives and intentions towards this high aspiration, which is the true purpose of life.

Reach for the Beyond

There is a universal law, with few exceptions, that nothing can flow down into the 3 worlds of human existence unless it is first called for from within those levels.

This is the condition that we accept when we come into a body and it is this law that creates choice. We choose to aspire to the beyond, or not – then inevitably we benefit or suffer according to the relentless process of cause and effect.

The initial activation of this choice corresponds to the 1st Initiation. Only that which is necessary to maintain life flows automatically in from the Beyond. Every night in the deepest sleep, each person connects back for a time to their Spirit and receives a down-flow of energy that supports them through the following day.

Apart from this, an occasional down-flow is initiated from above to attempt to re-orient the persons life away from the physical towards the Beyond, without interfering too much in the influence of that persons 'free will'.

Yet at any time by sinking within themselves, then reaching out – with selfless action, positive emotion or subtle intention – towards their True Self, a person can receive a momentary response from the Beyond.

However it is only as there is growth on each of the 3 levels (physical-etheric, astral, celestial) that the Deep Mind can call forth a substantial down-flow which gradually takes a hold on that persons life, carrying them towards the 2nd Initiation. This stage may last from about 4 years up to a lifetime or more.

Connect to the Beyond

The point of clear connection into the Beyond marks the 2nd Initiation.

Up to this stage the seed of a persons Soul may lay dormant for decades or lifetimes, but once this connection to the Beyond is established the seed begins to germinate and the Soul begins to grow. Then if conditions are maintained to support it, the rate of growth is predetermined – just as a foetus grows within the womb with a naturally exact timing.

At the intersection of the Deep Mind (within the 3 energy levels) and the Beyond (fourth energy level and up) a quantum jump is required to establish this connection. Every person on the Earth has an individual Guide who walks with that person from birth until death.

The Guide has previously developed themselves to reach the 3rd initiation – they have full freedom within the 3rd energy level (celestial) and have established a good connection into the earliest stages of the Beyond (4th energy level). Without their help a developing person could not make this jump to connect with the Beyond.

Again the Guide is restrained in the help they may give so as not to interfere with the operation of 'free will' which defines the conditions for learning and growing which we have accepted on the Earth. Unless in emergencies, such as possible impending death, the Guide gives help only where the person first makes an effort for themselves. This effort can then be guided and lightly augmented to conform more closely to the will of the persons True Self.

Without the person's freely willed inception the Guide must simply watch and protect. Similarly, though the Guide is in possession of knowledge far beyond the normal range of the human mind, this may not be given out unless the person can first closely approach the subject, only then asking for further clarification. The Guide guides but does not lead, clarifies but does not tell, assists but does not initiate.

Merge with the Beyond

Where the Guide has gone before, it is possible to go ourselves.

When the connection with the Beyond is strongly established, the Will of the True Self will begin to rule our lives. Then around half our actions, feelings and thoughts will begin as an impulse from Beyond motivating and activating a response within the 3 levels of the Deep Mind.

To achieve this is to reach the 3rd Initiation – the 'minor enlightenment' as described by the Buddha – where the ego still filters and intermixes with that which flows down from the Beyond. True training then gradually deconstructs the energy formations within the 3 worlds which comprise the resilient ego, allowing the influence of the Beyond to permeate all corners of ourselves thereby drawing us inevitably towards the 4th Initiation and the final dissolution of the last traces of the ego within the 3rd (celestial) energy level.

Follow the Beyond

After all major obstructions have been refined away then the Beyond exercises full control within the 3 worlds of a persons existence.

While always pure, inevitably this high influence is coloured by the persons past experiences stretching back over many lifetimes. Progress from this 4th Initiation on is managed by the Divine Self in relation to this colouration – no longer is it influenced by what takes place within the 3 worlds. The persons worldly life becomes purely one of selfless service, assisting the internal evolution of those around them.


"The lower-self cannot follow these things.

Only the One (higher-self) who is so destined can follow it and succeed in it. Between the lower-self and the higher-self there is ever conflict of aims. To proceed on this inner path you must be brave and wise, then there is hope to transcend the turbulent river of life."

Ramana Maharshi:

"So long as the ego lasts, effort is necessary.

No one succeeds without effort. The few who do succeed owe their success to their perseverance. To the extent that the mind has become pure, one realises that which is beyond the mind. But your effort can extend only so far. Then the Beyond will take care of itself. You are helpless there. No effort can reach it."
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