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Taiji - Yield, Neutralise, Issue

Yielding, Neutralising, Issuing; Yin-Yin, Yin-Yang, Yang-Yang.

Yielding creates space for Neutralising and Issuing. Neutralising deals with the partners force and intention. Issuing gathers and releases our own Relaxed Elastic Force.

Body Level.

Yield: Relax the Body and withdraw in the direction of the partner's movement.
Neutralise: Release and align the Body down to the ground while drawing the partner's Body out of alignment.
Issue: Raise Relaxed Elastic Force to combine with the partner's attempt to re-align their Body.

Mind Energy Level.

Yield: Release the Mind and withdraw Mind and Energy in the direction of the partner's intention.
Neutralise: Sink the Mind and Energy down to the ground and draw the partner's Mind and Energy beyond its centre.
Issue: Project the Mind and Energy to combine with the partner's attempt to re-stablize their Mind and Energy.

Deep Mind Level.

Yield: Empty the Mind down to the level of the Deep Mind and withdraw towards the centre.
Neutralise: Combine with the sphere of the partner's intention creating emptiness where their mind is full and fullness where their mind is empty.
Issue: Fully united with the Sphere of the Partners Mind, expand from the centre with an unintentional effort of the Deep Mind Intelligence.

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