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Taiji - Twenty Points

- P A Kelly

1. Every part of the body changes continuously.

2. Mind and Body align within the changes.

3. Elastic strength is transmitted through chains of stretching muscles.

4. Movement follows the partner but internal changes follow the mind.

5. Move at the partner's slightest intention.

6. Create emptiness while drawing the partner into it.

7. First big then small.

8. First slow then fast.

9. First low then high.
10. First follow then lead.

11. First deliberate then natural.

12. First constant speed then constant acceleration then increasing acceleration.

13. First concentrate then expand.

14. First the mind in the body then the body in the mind.

15. Mind leads and body follows.

16. Deep Mind awareness precedes Deep Mind intention.

17. Lifting gathers, sinking releases.

18. Gather internally, loosen, align, compress, stretch, then expand.

19. Yield, neutralise and issue flow sequentially overlapping.

20. Yielding, neutralising and issuing; yin-yin, yin-yang, yang-yang.

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