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Body Alignment

Phase 1 (Move):

– A wave of intention, energy and movement rises from the front foot to the waist, then to the upper body.

Phase 2 (Release):

– Align the Lower Body.

Release the lower body and allow the lower spine to open and straighten as the pelvis sinks towards the rear foot – taking care that the muscles surrounding both hip joints release and the rear knee remains aligned – until the rear foot is felt to press onto the ground.

The spine elongates as the upper body – momentarily unsupported – floats freely before beginning to follow the lower body down and back.

Phase 3 (Stretch):

– Align the Upper Body.

Drop the shoulder blades and open the chest to straighten the upper spine which connects down onto the straightened lower spine pressing it down a little more.

Meanwhile, in the rear leg, allow the pressure from the stretching thigh muscles to begin to press the hip joint open and forward, which increases the pressure of the heel into the ground.

Phase 4 (Unstretch):

– Strengthen the Alignment while issuing 'Spring Force'.

While withdrawing the hands slightly, open and straighten the back of the neck, then adjust the head so that a pressure and subtle movement is felt down the straightened spine from the top of the head to the coccyx.

Simultaneously allow the stretched thigh muscles of the rear leg to un-stretch, beginning the straightening of the knee joint, maintaining the pressure back to-wards the heel while the hip joint continues to open and press forward.

The pressure and subtle movement down the spine combined with the force di-agonally up the rear leg from the foot to the hip joint induces a slight rotation under of the pelvis along the curve of the coccyx, stretching the ligaments at the front of the hip joint and automatically maintaining the opening of the lower back which supports the opening of the chest and back of the neck.

Phase 5 (Settle):

– Intention, energy and body settle naturally down towards the front foot.

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