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太極法說 - 楊班侯

Yang Banhou (1837-1890)


[circa 1875] [translation by Paul Brennan]




[1] 八門五步用功法 Eight Gates, Five Steps [2] 固有分明法 Training Method for Eight Gates, Five Steps

[3] 粘黏連隨 Innate Ability to Distinguish

[4] 頂匾丢抗 Touch, Connect, Merge, Follow

[5] 對待無病 Crashing In, Collapsing, Coming Away, and Resistance

[6] 對待用功法守中土 Fighting Without Mistakes

[7] 身形腰頂 Practicing Maintaining the Central Ground in Fighting

[8] 太極圈 The Body's Posture – The Waist & Headtop

[9] 太極進退不已功Taiji's Circling

[10] 太極上下名天地 Taiji's Skill of Advancing & Retreating Ceaselessly

[11] 太極人盤八字功 Taiji's Above & Below, or "Sky & Ground"

[12] 太極体用解 Taiji's Eight Techniques in the Realm of Mankind

[13] 太極文武解 Taiji's Substance & Application

[14] 太極懂勁解 Taiji's Civil & Martial Qualities

[15] 八五十三勢長拳解Taiji's Identifying of Energies

[16] 太極陰陽顛倒解 On the Thirteen Dynamics Long Boxing Set

[17] 人身太極解 Taiji's Inversion of the Passive & Active Aspects

[18] 太極分文武三成解 The Taiji-ness of the Human Body

[19] 太極下乘武事解 Taiji's Separation of the Civil & Martial Qualities into Three Accomplishments

[20] 太極正功解 Taiji's Lesser Accomplishment – Its Martial Quality

[21] 太極輕重浮沉解 Correctness of Skill in Taiji

[22] 太極四隅解 Taiji's Lightness & Heaviness, Floating & Sinking

[23] 太極平凖腰頂解 Taiji's Four Secondary Techniques

[24] 太極四時五氣解圖 The Proper Alignment of Waist & Headtop in Taiji

[ 25] 太極血氣根本解 A Taiji Map of the Four Seasons & Five Energies

[26] 太極力氣解 The Essence of Blood & Energy in Taiji

[27] 太極尺寸分毫解 Strength & Energy in Taiji

[28] 太極膜脉筋穴解 Taiji's Reducing Measurements

[29] 太極字字解 Vessels, Channels, Sinews, and Acupoints in Taiji

[30] 太極節拿抓閉尺寸分毫解 Some of the Terms in Taiji

[31] 太極補助氣力解 Taiji's Reducing of Measurements in the Context of Controlling, Seizing, Capturing, or Sealing

[32] 共三十二目 Taiji's Boosting or Dissipating Energy and Strength


Supplementary Texts

(i) 懂勁先後論 Taiji's Emptying, Tying Up, Filing, and Kneading

(ii) 尺寸分毫在懂勁後論 Before Identifying Energies and After

(iii) 太極指掌捶手解 Reducing Measurements After Identifying Energies

(iv) 口授穴之存亡論 The Fingers, Palm, Fist, and Hand in Taiji

(v) 張三丰承留 On Personal Instruction in the Acupoints that Save or Kill

(vi) 口授張三豐老師之言 What Zhang Sanfeng Inherited

(vii) 張三豐以武事得道論 The Teachings of Zhang Sanfeng

(viii) Zhang Sanfeng on Using Martial Arts to Achieve the Way